Introducing New Eden, an all-new wholesale coffee brand bringing hope to communities near and far

Introducing New Eden, an all-new wholesale coffee brand bringing hope to communities near and far

A big hello from New Eden, and welcome to our blog. We're thrilled that you're here to join us on the start of our exciting journey. Before we dive in to telling you all about New Eden, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are husband-and-wife team Mark and Jean Armstrong. For the past eight years we have run Shiloh Coffee Roasters, an independent coffee roastery based originally in Leeds and latterly in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

Shiloh is still going strong, supplying ethical specialty coffee to everyone from individuals to coffee shops but in recent months we've felt God leading us to launch a second brand which, as well as supplying great quality coffee, is publicly honouring to him. And that's how New Eden was born.

New Eden is here to supply wholesale coffee to churches, charities and other organisations - both in bulk bags and in individual filter packets. Ten per cent of New Eden's profits will go to local and international charitable causes. Of that, 5% will go to the BeFree campaign, run by Elim Missions. The other 5% will go to local church mission, starting with Woodbank Community Church, our own church in Whitehaven, where it will be used to fund community outreach projects.

It’s important to us that New Eden doesn’t just provide great coffee but also serves the community, both here where our we roast and overseas where the coffee is grown.

By donating 10 per cent of New Eden’s profits to give people a helping hand through these causes, we hope to give a glimpse of the immense love that God shows us every day.

And supporting Woodbank Community Church to serve the community is one way we can say thank you for the warm West Cumbrian welcome we’ve received since relocating.

We want to be able to help people and show people who God really is to help break down some of the misconceptions people have. We want to help people see how down-to-earth Jesus is and that He’s someone who’s in our everyday life, not just someone who’s in our Sundays.

We'll be back to share more with you in the coming weeks about the vision behind New Eden and our selection of ethical coffee products. In the meantime, if you have any questions about how New Eden can help your church or other organisation to help good causes near and far while enjoying great coffee, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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